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Broken and flawed, she looked in the mirror.

Was she ready for this? Would it last this time?

Was the wall really torn down, or was it just cracked enough to let him in?

She convinced herself that she could and she would go on with this.  She knew how she felt.

Was she good enough for him?

Love accepts all things, it is kind, it is hopes and believes.  Love is patient.  He is love.

He is love.

Left Alone

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Nick: yossarian01

Fog lays thick like a blanket over the fields.

I can only briefly glimpse the deer that have come to eat.

Coffee is steaming as I drink it and watch the deer frolic.

Today is a new day.  Thank God, today is a new day.

I wish I was as free as the deer.  They have each other.

It dawns on me that they are lucky, for I have no one.

The tears begin again.

War Within Me


I wake to cloudy skies, my mind at unease.

I wake to being all that has been taken from me.

No longer youthful or pretty.

No longer energetic or carefree.

I find no peace within, only chaos.

Where do I turn?  How do I cope with this day?

The same as before,

With that strength that I found

Somewhere deep inside me.

Will this battle within strengthen or kill me?

Today, I choose to live.

Poetry for the day


Every so often, I write poetry.  I couldn’t tell you if it’s good or not, but I enjoy writing many types of things and every once in a while, a subject will enter my mind and I feel like it needs to be expressed in the form of poetry.  I decided to share some of this poetry here with you.  See what you think and please give me feedback.  I’d love to hear from you, both good and bad.  It helps to hear what you have to say so that I may become a better writer. Hope you enjoy.

Days Gone By

I recall vividly those long days spent frolicking outside

Picking flowers as we made sure to smell each one.

Everything seemed bigger then than it does now.

We could play for hours and run to our heart’s content.

Fluffy clouds became elephants or bears as we lay in the fresh cut grass.


Those days are gone, my friend.

They’ve been replaced with different days though just as busy.

We buy flowers, not pick them.

The world has become so much smaller, more convenient.

Clouds are just clouds.


Just for today, I choose to pick the tulips and see if they smell good,

take a walk along the newly greened grass,

lay with my kids and see which animals we can spot flying in the sky.

Just for today, I remember those days gone by.

I am young again but just for today.


Thanks for reading.  Happy Daydreaming!



Hello World!


As I sit here in the early evening, I’m reminded of how truly lucky I am. I have a home, a family who loves me and good on my table. Now, I have a blog to share with the world. How lucky am I to have those wonderful people and things in my life? I am the luckiest woman in the world.

I can’t wait to share all my wild and crazy thoughts, ideas, stories, poetry and projects with you.  I hope you enjoy my writing.  I have been told by so many people that I should write a book, but I didn’t want to wait and have to go through the process of finding a publisher.  Because people seem to enjoy my writing so much, I decided to write my own blog.  It will have a bit of everything.  How awesome for me!  I really hope you enjoy what will follow in the blogs to come.  Only one way to find out if you do, read on and follow me.  I appreciate any comments you send me.  I’d love to hear from you.  Like I say, I love to write and this should be a great deal of fun!