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Moment in Life


The deed was done.

It was harder than she thought.

Breaking the news to her family was a complete disaster.

She would survive. She had survived worse before and would survive worse again.

She needed that break in her life if only for a moment, a moment in the grand scheme of life.

There would be other chances, other opportunities, other jobs, other offers.

Right now she needed a break from it all. A break from the disaster that seemed to be her moment in life.



cool night time pic

Amber, gold, and bright white stars

Hang in place in the blackened sky.

The moon shines an orange hue

and peace envelops the land.

A bedtime story, a lullaby, baby is fast asleep.

Soon it will be my bedtime too,

as the world settles down for sleep.


Why Does God Want Them Now


Said the son to his mother,

Why Does God want to take the baby animals away?

Said the mother to her son,

Perhaps He wants them in heaven to play.

Said the son to his mother,

But they are so tiny and young.

Said the mother to her son,

They are sick while here but with God they are strong.

Said the son to his mother,

But Mama it makes me so sad.

Said the mother to her son,

Be not afraid, they go to heaven. We can rejoice and be glad.



Tricky little hamster where did you go?

Behind the couch, behind the chair. Faster than you know.

Tricky little hamster how do you play?

In the ball, in the wheel, up and through the pipes all day.

Tricky little hamster when do you sleep?

When you are at school and all is quiet. Then you won’t hear even a peep!

This was written for the word prompt tricky. Enjoy!

The Beach


Waves roll in spilling seashells on the shore.

Sea gulls and Osprey fly over the crystal blue waters.

Children laugh as they play and make sand castles.

The warmth of the sunshine and the cool sea breeze kiss the skin of the beach goers.

Young couples steal a kiss as they walk hand in hand leaving footprints in the sand.


I had a Faraway Dream


I had a dream that I was far away from here.

I was in a different time.

I met a young woman, slim and vibrant. Her eyes a dancing blue.

This faraway place was Ireland with lush hills of green and short stone walls lining the narrow roads.


I knew the young woman to be my mother. She was incredible.

Her eyes bright with determination and life. Her manner quick and laugh contagious.

Her strong spirit beckoned to me to stay a while. She offered me tea. How wonderful to have her ham sandwiches again.

I only stayed a little while in this faraway land. I knew I couldn’t stay. My heart was torn, to stay or go, but I knew this journey would remain forever in me.

Street Where I Grew Up

huntleigh rd

Smooth blacktop covers the road

children laugh and play.

Out in the early morning

Bicycles race all day.

Mothers home tending to the homes

Fathers work till supper is done.

We play tag, catch, and play on the swings

until day is through and the dinner bell rings.

At night the fireflies are out for the taking,

They light up the sky as we dance trying to catch them.

When at last, it’s time to come in,

it’s bath time, family time then prayer time too.

We kiss mom and dad good night as we should,

then sweet dreams of our street and till the morrow comes.



I am one. Just one.

I am alone. I feel cold without the warmth of his skin next to mine.

I am tired. My eyes strained, dried out from the tears. I am somber at best. He is gone. Taken too soon from my world. From this life.

I am numb. So numb that pain can not reach me now. Tears stream. The only comfort that would soothe me is his touch. That which I long for I will never feel again.

I am empty. We had plans he and I. Why did he have to go now? Why? The question I keep asking. Why?

I am incomplete. Without him I am lost. I am just one now, no longer a couple. I am a widow who will wear black. I feel nothing but exhaustion. How do I go on without you? I’m too young for this. You shouldn’t have been taken like this. Not now. I’m not ready. I’ll never be ready. I shall remain incomplete.

A Love Letter


A handwritten love letter sealed with a kiss.

Each letter carefully crafted with a pen chosen for it’s weight and feel in the hand.

The paper, just the right thickness and color, handmade and sky blue.

Each word chosen so carefully to express my devotion and undying love to you.

A letter written any other way would never, could never express love the way my handwritten love letter will. I love you. I love you. I love you.