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Tears fill my eyes again, they spill over, again.

This is not how it’s supposed to be.

But it is.  It always is.

Why is the unanswered question racing through my mind.

Why is life that can be so beautiful so sad?

So sad.

No sense in this.  No sense at all, but that illness reigns supreme, again.

Life really is unfair, but we learn from it, I suppose.

That’s what they tell us.  But why all the need for sadness?

Some cheerfulness could teach us a lot too!

Tears for Grandma


Little boy, little boy, Why do you cry?

I want my grandma to come back from heaven.

Little boy, little boy, I’m sorry she’s gone.

Why did God take her? We had playing left to do.

Little boy, little boy, it was her time to go.

But I was not ready. I just miss her so.

Little boy, little boy, she’s still here with you. In the sky up above, on the grass next to you. Your grandma’s love will always be true.

But I want to see her right here, today.

Little boy, little boy, she watches you play.


Why Does God Want Them Now


Said the son to his mother,

Why Does God want to take the baby animals away?

Said the mother to her son,

Perhaps He wants them in heaven to play.

Said the son to his mother,

But they are so tiny and young.

Said the mother to her son,

They are sick while here but with God they are strong.

Said the son to his mother,

But Mama it makes me so sad.

Said the mother to her son,

Be not afraid, they go to heaven. We can rejoice and be glad.



I am one. Just one.

I am alone. I feel cold without the warmth of his skin next to mine.

I am tired. My eyes strained, dried out from the tears. I am somber at best. He is gone. Taken too soon from my world. From this life.

I am numb. So numb that pain can not reach me now. Tears stream. The only comfort that would soothe me is his touch. That which I long for I will never feel again.

I am empty. We had plans he and I. Why did he have to go now? Why? The question I keep asking. Why?

I am incomplete. Without him I am lost. I am just one now, no longer a couple. I am a widow who will wear black. I feel nothing but exhaustion. How do I go on without you? I’m too young for this. You shouldn’t have been taken like this. Not now. I’m not ready. I’ll never be ready. I shall remain incomplete.