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Street Where I Grew Up

huntleigh rd

Smooth blacktop covers the road

children laugh and play.

Out in the early morning

Bicycles race all day.

Mothers home tending to the homes

Fathers work till supper is done.

We play tag, catch, and play on the swings

until day is through and the dinner bell rings.

At night the fireflies are out for the taking,

They light up the sky as we dance trying to catch them.

When at last, it’s time to come in,

it’s bath time, family time then prayer time too.

We kiss mom and dad good night as we should,

then sweet dreams of our street and till the morrow comes.

A Love Letter


A handwritten love letter sealed with a kiss.

Each letter carefully crafted with a pen chosen for it’s weight and feel in the hand.

The paper, just the right thickness and color, handmade and sky blue.

Each word chosen so carefully to express my devotion and undying love to you.

A letter written any other way would never, could never express love the way my handwritten love letter will. I love you. I love you. I love you.