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The Adoption

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Bone of my bone, blood of my blood.

Does it matter if you are or not.

To me, you are my child,

Whether your skin is like mine, or like somebody else’s.

To me, you will still be my child.

A woman gave you life, then she gave you the greatest gift.

She gave you a life she couldn’t give you.

She was bone of your bone. She was blood of your blood.

She was your first mother. She heard your first cry.

I will wipe all your tears. I will kiss away your fears.

She and I will love you forever and a day.

You are a special child.  You have been blessed.

You have been wanted before you were born.

Your mothers will love you, one in her heart only,

But I get to hold you.  Say a prayer for us both everyday.

You are our child, but it took two of us to mold you.

You are blessed child.  You were adopted and are so loved.



Standing in the shadows, her tears flowed gently down her cheeks.

She was alone.

She didn’t want anyone to see the tears, as though somehow it made her weak.

She was strong.

Her mother had just taken her last breath after fighting for weeks.

Her lovely mom.

She felt so abandoned by the world.

Alone and abandoned.

I had a Faraway Dream


I had a dream that I was far away from here.

I was in a different time.

I met a young woman, slim and vibrant. Her eyes a dancing blue.

This faraway place was Ireland with lush hills of green and short stone walls lining the narrow roads.


I knew the young woman to be my mother. She was incredible.

Her eyes bright with determination and life. Her manner quick and laugh contagious.

Her strong spirit beckoned to me to stay a while. She offered me tea. How wonderful to have her ham sandwiches again.

I only stayed a little while in this faraway land. I knew I couldn’t stay. My heart was torn, to stay or go, but I knew this journey would remain forever in me.

Mamma’s Shoes

20151128_123952I remember being small

How my tiny feet felt inside her shoes.

I remember being small

How my tiny hands fit her’s.

I remember being small

How it felt to dance and twirl.

Those days are just memories now.

I want to be more like her

But only my feet full her shoes.

Her vivacious presence laid to rest and all that’s left are shoes.