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Home light

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Reaching down to kiss the little face that peered back at her,

She gently held his hand

She knew these moments were so fleeting,

that time would not stand still.

She would take another glance at him just to memorize his face.

Tomorrow he would be different still

because that’s what time did to all.

It changes us. It changes them.  Then, one day we all are gone.

So just for now as she kissed him goodnight,

She’d remember now.  His look.  His sweet baby smell.

And when he was grown into a young man,

She’d keep the home light on.

He’d always have home.

She’d see to that.  He was her son, afterall.

Her stars and her moon.  Her sweet, little child.

No one could take that love away.


In the Shadows

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In the shadows, your greatest fears lurk.

In the shadows, your deepest desires hide.

Your truest self hides in those shadows.

The mask of happiness for all to see is worn for those while the sun shines.

The mask that all is great will remain in place, a mask of light and joy.

Believe in yourself so the shadows can fade.

Let the shadows be no longer true.

Be the sun and the brightness.

Be the joy and the light.

But don’t let the shadows know.

Don’t let them see.

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Standing in the shadows, her tears flowed gently down her cheeks.

She was alone.

She didn’t want anyone to see the tears, as though somehow it made her weak.

She was strong.

Her mother had just taken her last breath after fighting for weeks.

Her lovely mom.

She felt so abandoned by the world.

Alone and abandoned.

The Nurse


The world was new as she stood alone.

New faces, new places she’d never known.

Finding her way, she strode through the door,

She sought the one out that she was there for.

She would manage as she knew she must,

It was this place now, or it was bust.

Her coffee in one hand, her pen in the other,

She was ready for this day. Could there be another?

Yes, today was her day.  Today was day one.

The beginning of a new life, the dawn of a new person.

She knew she had the skills to make this work,

Even her personality was a bit of a perk.

She was a nurse with a heart full of love,

Her empathy for others came from above.





Tears fill my eyes again, they spill over, again.

This is not how it’s supposed to be.

But it is.  It always is.

Why is the unanswered question racing through my mind.

Why is life that can be so beautiful so sad?

So sad.

No sense in this.  No sense at all, but that illness reigns supreme, again.

Life really is unfair, but we learn from it, I suppose.

That’s what they tell us.  But why all the need for sadness?

Some cheerfulness could teach us a lot too!