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The Storm

Poetry Challenge Day 1 part 2

A second poem about a thunderstorm this time. Written in 20 minutes.

The Storm

Lashing  wetness across my cheeks, across my hands.  My umbrella flips inside out. 

Whipping winds and blackened sky, who knows if it’s day or night.

Clashes, booms and roars fill the air, followed by unearthly bright flashes of light.

I’m frightened this night will never cease. That my tomorrow may never come.

Poetry Challenge! Day 1

The poet’s billow is holding a 30 day challenge to those of us who write poetry! I’m so excited for this opportunity! Today’s challenge is to write about rain without using the words rain, thunderstorm or lightning! Am I up to it? We shall see! This poem was written in about 25 minutes. Enjoy!


Spring Showers

Gentle drops touch each petal softly from the graying sky.    The stars and moon hide far behind the veil of water streaming from the heavens. Couples walk hand in hand under umbrellas trying to keep dry.                                                  Stealing kisses now and then.

Perhaps the sun will shine tomorrow. Perhaps the tulips will bloom in colors of pink and red and violet. Perhaps the clouds will cry once more. A song of sorrow, of loss, of hope, of love, of joy?