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The Adoption

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Bone of my bone, blood of my blood.

Does it matter if you are or not.

To me, you are my child,

Whether your skin is like mine, or like somebody else’s.

To me, you will still be my child.

A woman gave you life, then she gave you the greatest gift.

She gave you a life she couldn’t give you.

She was bone of your bone. She was blood of your blood.

She was your first mother. She heard your first cry.

I will wipe all your tears. I will kiss away your fears.

She and I will love you forever and a day.

You are a special child.  You have been blessed.

You have been wanted before you were born.

Your mothers will love you, one in her heart only,

But I get to hold you.  Say a prayer for us both everyday.

You are our child, but it took two of us to mold you.

You are blessed child.  You were adopted and are so loved.

And Now You are Mine

They waited with anticipation.  A little girl to call their own.  This one felt right when the call came.

They had been a family of three and she would make four.  She always felt she had more love to give.  Now she would have a little girl as well as her darling boy.

The call came.  She was perfect.  She was five days old.  Fair skin, fair hair and blue eyes.  So beautiful.  And now she was theirs.

The mother looked at her new baby girl with awe and amazement.  She looked in her new daughter’s eyes with the love that only a mother knows.  She touched her soft, silky baby cheeks, her tiny hands with fingers curled around her own.

Her husband looked on and knew this was the right decision.  This baby girl would breathe life and excitement into their world. She was theirs.  She was truly theirs.

God had loved them enough to give them this little girl and to give the little girl two parents and a big brother to love and protect her.  The blessings were abundant. Little did any of them know how much love adopting that little girl that October would bring.  It would last a lifetime for all of them.

As the mother held her new daughter close, she gave her a kiss on her forehead.  She spoke softly and gently to her darling new daughter, “and now you are mine.”

Never a day went by when the mother and daughter did not feel those blessings.  They had good times and bad, but the love of a lifetime, the joyful memories and the lessons learned would carry that little girl far.  Both mother and daughter prayed for and thanked God for the first blessing.  They thanked God for the young woman who gave up the baby girl so she could have a better life than she could give her.

Now the baby girl is grown up and her mother is watching over her from above, but the baby girl never forgets to be grateful for the many blessings of being her mother’s daughter.