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In the Blink of an Eye – Tale of the Tiny Squirrel

In the blink of an eye, he was gone.

Just like that, taking his last little breath.

Such a special little creature.

A sweet and lovely, bouncing and playful,

tiny, baby squirrel.

We shall miss you, my little friend.

The joy you brought to our home was endless,

just like your energy and enthusiasm for life.

Goodbye for now, little Dexter.

Climb the trees and eat avocados, bananas and almonds.

Be with your mother and your brother, Felix.

Be free, my little pal.   Be free, until we meet again.

Flourishing Strokes of Beauty

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Flourishing strokes across the paper,

Creating a piece that’s worth the time to read.

Flourishing strokes across the canvas,

Creating a piece that’s worth the time to see.

Flourishing strokes across the wall,

Creating a piece that’s worth the beauty.

Flourishing strokes across life,

Creating a life worth living.


Distressed Mom!

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She had enough that day.  Kids screaming and all wanting everything at once.

Was she every to rest or get her own time to relax?

Usually calm and gentle in nature,

She new she would take things in stride, but not today.

Something was different and the kids had gotten on her last nerve.

She counted to 20 because 10 wasn’t high enough.

She went outside to get a break.

They followed her.

She felt like a rose bush bending in a gust of wind.

They asked and asked more and more.

They fought and fought.

Finally, the snap she had been trying to avoid came.


They had finally made her snap, but she finally got her peace as they stared blankly at her, bewildered.

“I need peace.  I need quiet.  I need you to get along for the next hour.  You are all driving me crazy, so please do as I ask. Please.”

The message got through and peace was achieved.

The children did not like when mom snapped like that, so they all played together,

They remembered their love.

They remembered their manners.

They remembered they even liked each other.

There was peace in mom’s land and all was good again.

Mom took a nap and felt refreshed when she woke.

Dad reminded them all,

If mom isn’t happy, nobody’s happy.


going to class

The path was strewn with flowers on each side,

petunias, lilies and roses of every color.

She walked slowly, taking care to remember the heady fragrance.

This was the beginning.

Her new start.

Her new home.

She gathered her bags and looked back at her parents.

They were chatting about something. She would miss them.

But this was her chance, her new life away from home.

Her new chapter.

She wouldn’t turn back.

Today was the end of childhood.

The start of adulthood.  Her dream had come true, at last.

College, University. Whatever you want to call it.  She was going to be something and today was the first day of that life.



Tears fill my eyes again, they spill over, again.

This is not how it’s supposed to be.

But it is.  It always is.

Why is the unanswered question racing through my mind.

Why is life that can be so beautiful so sad?

So sad.

No sense in this.  No sense at all, but that illness reigns supreme, again.

Life really is unfair, but we learn from it, I suppose.

That’s what they tell us.  But why all the need for sadness?

Some cheerfulness could teach us a lot too!

Tears for Grandma


Little boy, little boy, Why do you cry?

I want my grandma to come back from heaven.

Little boy, little boy, I’m sorry she’s gone.

Why did God take her? We had playing left to do.

Little boy, little boy, it was her time to go.

But I was not ready. I just miss her so.

Little boy, little boy, she’s still here with you. In the sky up above, on the grass next to you. Your grandma’s love will always be true.

But I want to see her right here, today.

Little boy, little boy, she watches you play.


Left Alone

photo credits to yossarian01 Nick:  yossarian01 Site:  	http://yossarian01.photosight.ru/
photo credits to
Nick: yossarian01
Site: http://yossarian01.photosight.ru/

Fog lays thick like a blanket over the fields.

I can only briefly glimpse the deer that have come to eat.

Coffee is steaming as I drink it and watch the deer frolic.

Today is a new day.  Thank God, today is a new day.

I wish I was as free as the deer.  They have each other.

It dawns on me that they are lucky, for I have no one.

The tears begin again.

War Within Me


I wake to cloudy skies, my mind at unease.

I wake to being all that has been taken from me.

No longer youthful or pretty.

No longer energetic or carefree.

I find no peace within, only chaos.

Where do I turn?  How do I cope with this day?

The same as before,

With that strength that I found

Somewhere deep inside me.

Will this battle within strengthen or kill me?

Today, I choose to live.

Poetry for the day


Every so often, I write poetry.  I couldn’t tell you if it’s good or not, but I enjoy writing many types of things and every once in a while, a subject will enter my mind and I feel like it needs to be expressed in the form of poetry.  I decided to share some of this poetry here with you.  See what you think and please give me feedback.  I’d love to hear from you, both good and bad.  It helps to hear what you have to say so that I may become a better writer. Hope you enjoy.

Days Gone By

I recall vividly those long days spent frolicking outside

Picking flowers as we made sure to smell each one.

Everything seemed bigger then than it does now.

We could play for hours and run to our heart’s content.

Fluffy clouds became elephants or bears as we lay in the fresh cut grass.


Those days are gone, my friend.

They’ve been replaced with different days though just as busy.

We buy flowers, not pick them.

The world has become so much smaller, more convenient.

Clouds are just clouds.


Just for today, I choose to pick the tulips and see if they smell good,

take a walk along the newly greened grass,

lay with my kids and see which animals we can spot flying in the sky.

Just for today, I remember those days gone by.

I am young again but just for today.


Thanks for reading.  Happy Daydreaming!