The Nurse


The world was new as she stood alone.

New faces, new places she’d never known.

Finding her way, she strode through the door,

She sought the one out that she was there for.

She would manage as she knew she must,

It was this place now, or it was bust.

Her coffee in one hand, her pen in the other,

She was ready for this day. Could there be another?

Yes, today was her day.  Today was day one.

The beginning of a new life, the dawn of a new person.

She knew she had the skills to make this work,

Even her personality was a bit of a perk.

She was a nurse with a heart full of love,

Her empathy for others came from above.



2 thoughts on “The Nurse

  1. Just wonderful, Deirdre….sincerely, this is so lovely….very poetic and so well done!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing…I’ve tried to read your poems before, but whenever I would visit your blog and click on the poetry icon, it would worn that it was not a secure domain and that I risked being hacked…perhaps that is why you haven’t had much response to your poetry…it certainly couldn’t be because it’s not great 🙂

    1. Oh Truly! Thank you for telling me! So now it must be working. So glad I fixed that! Thank you for reading and visiting! Glad you enjoyed it!

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